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We require 48 HOURS notice of cancellation. No Exceptions.

Why 48 hours? Our salon does not double book appointments and because of that, we work on one client at a time which makes your appointment time your time. When there is a cancelation that leaves a block of about one in a half to 2 hours depending on your scheduled appointment and that is hard to fill if we have previously told someone we are booked for a particular day.

What if you book and the appointment is already within 48 hours? You will have 1 hour to cancel that appointment by calling the salon, if we cannot pick up, leave a detailed message. We can track the time the appointment was made and what time you called to leave a message. If you are a minute outside of the 1-hour time frame, you are subject to our Late Cancellation Policy.

Cancellation fee within the 48 hours: 50% of scheduled service

• No-call/no-show: 100% charged according to service.


When you book online or with us over the phone, please note that your appointment time is subject to change. We do not double-book appointments as stated in the cancellation. There are a few ways your appointment time will be moved: If someone has booked and it has left a gap of up to 30 min, your appointment is subject to be moved up to 30 min up or down with us contacting you via text & or email if you have not opted out of that form of communication. We want to assure that we are able to accommodate those that want to book with us. If we need to move your appointment by more than 45 minutes, then you will be contacted about the move via phone. If the 45 min change or more does not work for you, you can at that time decide to cancel or reschedule with no late cancellation charge. If the 30 min change or less does not work for you and you want to cancel due to the change, there is a late cancellation fee of 50% of the scheduled appointment. Another way of the appointment changing is due to COVID cleaning, If appointments are to close to one another due to how someone might book online, We will move the appointment up or down to ensure we have time for proper COVID cleaning. Please note that if changes are needed on the day of your appointment a call is made as well.


A Valid credit/debit card is required to secure all BOOKING online or over the phone. 

No Exceptions. 

  • Your credit card will not be charged unless you need to cancel late

  • Your credit card will not be charged unless you are a no call no show 


Even if your hair has been well maintained by a previous stylist, it is our policy to spend our first session familiarizing ourselves with your hair with our tailor-made Consultation in order to determine our best method of service. 

Your First Appointment at t'Amm Salon is designed with you in mind. You will receive a full consultation of your hair and scalp, we will come up with a plan to achieve your goals, education on the products we use, and how to care for your hair at home. You will also be able to select from 4 t'Amm Styles, the t'Amm Hydra Steam Silk Press, Hydra Steam Twist-Out, Hydra Steam Twist-In, or the Hydra Steam Individual Twist Service which includes and trim. When you arrive, You will be greeted with a smile, you will be offered a beverage, we will usher you to one of our stations to conduct a consult. This is where we will ask a series of questions, go over the products we use, and what we recommend for home use. We will then get you draped and ready for our Continuous Hydra Steam Treatment where you can enjoy and relax. Remember we don't double book so your relaxing time is your relaxing time,

  • t'Amm Straight (Silk Press)

  • t'Amm Naturally Curly


If it has been more than 3 Months since your last visit? Please book the 3 Month or more Appointment. This appointment gets up back acquainted with you and your hair condition since you were last serviced in the salon. Please Select the t'Amm ME BACK service to ensure that we have time to complete your service.


Please arrive with your hair free of twists, braids, or debris from recently removed extensions or protective styles. If a Detox is needed An up-charge will be applied to hair that is Excessively tangled, matted or Excessive debris. Your appointment may need to be canceled (and charged accordingly) if your hair requires additional prep time.


We ask that you be considerate of others by silencing your cell phone and refraining from taking calls during your service and under our dryers/steamers. If you must make a voice call, we ask that you place the caller on hold, then step outside for privacy. 


This area has been designed for a relaxing experience. We ask that you reframe from taking pictures or video while in our Spa Shampoo Area. There should be no extra guests in the shampoo area. 


Seating in our reception area is limited, therefore, we ask that you not bring any company with you to your appointment. Our salon floor is reserved for clients receiving services. 


Please arrange childcare prior to your appointment. This is for safety reasons. Please adhere to this request. If a child is being serviced, please make sure that your child can calmly remain seated through the duration of the appointment in order not to compromise the experience of the salon. Due to space limitations, please refrain from bringing guests or individuals who do not have a scheduled appointment as they will be asked to wait in the car.


 We accept payment in the form of cash, credit, or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express).

Gratuity is greatly appreciated.


To ensure timely service to each of our guests, we may need to abbreviate or reschedule your reservation if you arrive more than 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment time. If we are not able to reschedule you for the day of your appointment and we have to cancel, you will be charged a late cancellation fee of 50% of the service.

When You Book Online Thru Our Scheduling System, You Are Agreeing To All These Terms Above. Book Now If You Agree

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